Technet Subscriptions

Microsoft’s TechNet Subscriptions were designed to help IT Professionals confidently evaluate Microsoft software and plan deployments. The program was responsible for meeting subscription purchase goals each year. To accomplish this, the marketing team engaged in various tactics to raise awareness of the program within the IT Professional community.

Our team evaluated the client’s subscription goals and the target audience and developed a strategic campaign designed to bring in the maximum level of subscription sales. The campaign was executed using a mix of digital and print assets. Our design team built all of the assets including the related TechNet Subscriptions webpages.

Campaign Management Branding Strategy & Positioning Content/Copy Creation Website Design & Development Email & Newsletters Web Banners Print Ads Search Engine Marketing Social Strategy & Positioning

30.6% Open Rate

After 10 days e-blasts produced 30.6% open rate and 11.8% click through

5.54% Click Thru

Search engine marketing averaged Google click through rates of 5.54%

30,000 Unique Visitors

Site averaged 30,000 unique visitors during the launch of the Office 2010 communications

500 Subscriptions

Over 500 subscriptions in first 20 days with over 660 within 1 month of launch


Our successful campaigns deliver higher conversion rates which translate into more sales and broader brand recognition!

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