Hello Secure World

Microsoft ran a campaign to raise awareness about internet security, and asked our team to help promote the webcast content they generated for this campaign. They wanted a fresh way to garner interest and get community members involved. Our team came up with a unique solution to drive engagement based on the idea of gamification. We built a series of microsites for this campaign – a site for viewing webcasts, the game site, and the virtual labs that taught users tenets of internet security that they could test out within the game.

The game gave each user a mission. Designed in the Atari style, the premise was to save a website from hackers. To complete the mission, users had to attend learning sessions on virtual labs. When they learned how to solve the mission, they would do so, and earn points. The points were then translated onto a digital leaderboard. Earning points and making it to the top of the leaderboard entered users into contests that would reward their skill with prizes.

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Hello Secure World Game 1
Hello Secure World Game 2
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Hello Secure World Game Site 1
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Hello Secure World Lab Console
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