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VisitorManager mobile app UX/UI and branding

Yeti designs a mobile visitor management app from the ground up complete with UI and branding.

Creating a usable, engaging app

Design a new app for mobile device-based gate access that accommodates a variety of user roles.

Conduct user research, create user personas, build user flows and goal maps for each role, build wireframes, test and iterate.

Create hi-fidelity mockups, test prototype and iterate, hand off UI specs to engineering for final build.


HOA Technologies


Brand Development | UI/UX Design


High fidelity comps
Click-through prototypes
Logo variations
Color and Typography specs

Logo and visual identity

Typography & color


Discovery & understanding

We began this project with a research and discovery phase to understand who would be using this app and what they would be accomplishing when using it.

After understanding user types and roles, we began to work with VM stakeholders and dev team to understand their technical requirements. We held a number of white boarding sessions with them as we iterated on concepts.

Finally we began to build wireframes, testing and iterating along the way.


Visual design & prototyping

Our understanding of the separate user roles led to creating sections of the app for each type of end user. There was a technical requirement from VisitorManager that the app be designed to be “white label” so that their customers can add their own branding for, yet it was also important to have a polished default look.

Yeti created a system that allowed rapid guest access via QR codes that could be loaded on a guest or vendor’s phone or even printed out. The app had both desktop and mobile variations with full functionality on either. Based on user testing we focused on grouping options by user goals with a focus on ability to rapidly move between sections and achieve goal completion within as few screens as possible.


The right options in the right places

Yeti Society crafted an intuitive but deep user experience, tailored to empower end users and their customers in managing gate access for visitors and vendors. Our design approach focused on simplicity and functionality, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the app’s features with minimal effort. By providing management with a comprehensive overview of who is coming and going from a community, our app streamlines visitor management while making resident’s lives easier and safer.

Whether accessed via desktop or mobile devices, our solution ensures convenience and efficiency at every step. Our client has passed on the positive feedback they’ve received from their customers that the app is user-friendly and versatile across devices, making it an indispensable tool that they’ve had growing success selling and expanding their customer base. Based on this success they have engaged us for further revisions to add more features and refinements.