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Learn BJB Materials

Yeti designs a central location for BJB’s customers to learn about their full lineup of products and how the pros use them.

Designing for learning and discovery

BJB came to Yeti due to our success in helping realize their vision for previous projects including a corporate home page and web store. The brief for this project was to find a way to incorporate their disparate learning materials and material data charts into one easy to navigate portal fostered engagement with learning their products and methodology.

We built a database backend for them to easily update charts that had previously been laboriously built and exported as PDFs for download only as well as providing a dynamic front end to interact with and found the appropriate material for a given project.

We worked with BJB to categorize their video learning and written tutorials into navigational categories that their customers would recognize. The major goal besides ease of use, was to create an engaging learning experience that would promote continued investigation and exploration while helping create loyal customers.


BJB Enterprises | BJB Materials


UX / UI Design & Development


High fidelity comps
UI components
Material safety database tables
How-to documentation

Our approach

Design and build a system of side bar navigation based on meta-tagging of appropriate categories for each tutorial video and article with cross linking of related items.

Build a database backend in Google sheets for easy editing by BJB staff that would be dynamically pulled into the site material’s charts area. Develop categorization and filtering based on parameters that research found would be relevant and understandable to end users.


Filtering & categorization

We developed a categorization framework that applies consistently across all content types. This involved restructuring the website’s taxonomy to ensure that categories and subcategories were intuitive and relevant to users’ needs. For instance, we categorized content based on material types, application industries, and skill levels for video learning resources.

We implemented advanced filtering options tailored to the specific needs of each content type. For product material charts, users can now filter by properties such as viscosity, cure time, and temperature resistance. Similarly, for video learning resources, filters were introduced based on topics, duration, and difficulty level.


Iconography & color

BJB had an existing brand and style guide that Yeti had previously created for them. Yeti designers utilized this style guide to extend their visual system to aid navigation and engagement through BJB’s product material charts section. Yeti created icons for each category as well as a unique gradient for each chart. BJB will also use these color gradients and icons in their various printed help materials.

Yeti Society crafted a set of icons to add visual appeal to the Material Data Charts and pique user interest to increase engagement with this technical material.

These icons serve as intuitive visual cues, aiding users in quickly identifying key attributes and properties of various materials, facilitating efficient browsing and helping create the foundation for growing this system in the future.

An important part of the site was facilitating BJB staff updating the site and utilizing graphic assets themselves. Yeti created a guidance document that included how to apply these gradients, create new articles, videos, and create and set up new product materials charts.


Achieving business goals through better service

BJB reports that their help staff is now fielding fewer basic phone calls leaving more time to focus on more challenging in-depth problem solving. They have continued to expand the materials info database, tutorial navigation as needed and with the durable structure Yeti designed and built they have not had to come to us for support after the initial onboarding phase.

BJB has found that they are getting more views of their video tutorials and their staff has more confidence steering customers to it now that all their learning materials are in one place that’s friendly to navigate.